Advancement in medical & testing equipment has far reached beyond our expectations, the more we know about the human body the more we can efficiently and accurately treat each ailment.  As more and more institutions and companies alike advance their equipment to meet the needs for treatment, the need to recycle spent equipment is also growing in a rapid pace.

As with different types of IT Equipment, a special type of recycling is required for medical & testing equipment.  These devices contain hazardous materials and also sensitive data. Our experience dictates some medical & testing equipment are required to be disposed of in a detailed process per Manufacturer, State and Federal regulations.  We do provide Certificates of Destruction as well as a serialized report which releases you of any liability. 

It is very essential for the Health Industry to choose the right IT Asset Disposition company to permanently destroy DATA & make sure that any medical & testing equipment is responsibly disposed of.

As we transition the way we communicate information, (specially patient information) from fax machines to cloud or networks. The Healthcare Industry must make sure their vendors have a Good and Outstanding record when it comes to DATA Security. BAN or Basel Action Network released their first report on E-waste recycling on September 2016 please click the link to find the vendors that has violated regulations sending E-waste along with Hard Drives that  contain sensitive information to undeveloped countries such as China where hackers sell information to other countries like Russia. Here is the link to the  BAN E-Scam Report you can find the list of vendors names on Page 118. 

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